Lesson sheet on Roman numerals

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Content of lesson sheets

The symbols

Learn about the basic symbols used in Roman numeral notation, along with their meaning and historical origin.

Training Rules

Learn the fundamental rules that govern the construction of Roman numerals, including subtraction and repetition conventions.

Basic principle

Understand the basic principle behind Roman numerals and how they differ from the modern decimal system.


Explore how Roman numerals use repetition to represent larger numbers and how to identify and interpret these repetitions.


Become familiar with the rules of subtraction in Roman numerals and how they are applied to form specific numbers.


Find detailed examples illustrating the use of Roman numerals in various historical and contemporary contexts.

Practical Use

Learn how Roman numerals are still used in the modern world, from clocks to architectural inscriptions to chapter numbers in books.


Summarize your newly acquired knowledge about Roman numerals and reflect on their historical and cultural significance.

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